MEGA65 Projects

My projects for the MEGA65 personal computer.

MEGA65 Welcome Guide

A booklet for new MEGA65 owners. Start here!

Dan's MEGA65 Digest

A free monthly newsletter for anyone who owns a MEGA65, wants one, or is curious about what the MEGA65 community is up to. Available by email, web, or RSS feed. #mega65

I write about the MEGA65 here on this blog.

@MEGA65Files Twitter bot

A Twitter bot that announces new activity from the MEGA65 Filehost.

Symbols source generator

A tool that generates assembly, C, and Rust source for the MEGA65 I/O registers from the MEGA65 core code. I also committed the output files to the repo, so you can just download them and use them with your favorite assembler or compiler.

MEGA65: The Next Batch!

September 17, 2022

MEGA65: The Next Batch! Dan’s MEGA65 Digest for September 2022.

Keeping Up With the MEGA65

August 31, 2022

Keeping Up With the MEGA65, Dan’s MEGA65 Digest for August 2022.