May 2011

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productivity tips for the easily distracted, Jacques Mattheij.

The Grand Rapids LipDub:

“Literally Unbelievable,” a blog of reactions to Onion articles on Facebook.

Hilarious and inspiring Gamespot interview with game designer Tim Schafer, of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and now the envelope-pushing game company Double Fine:

(via waxy)

On TermKit, Steven Wittens on a 21st century Unix shell, with Mac OS X implementation. Separate pipes for data and user interaction, MIME content type annotations, unit-sensitive command line editing, and other good ideas.

Javascript PC Emulator. Running Linux. Try editing hello.c with Emacs, compiling it, and running it. Worth it for Emacs alone, really.

Nanolaw with Daughter, Paul Ford.


Top 50 Worst Video Game Voices:

Commodore 64 programming tutorials, by digitalerr0r.

Considerations When Designing Your Own Programming/Scripting Language.

Adam Parrish’s textperiments. (via waxy.)

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