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April 2006 Archives

April 28, 2006

Andy Rutledge: White House Redux. Andy redesigns the White House web site as a design exercise.

Knife Maintenance and Sharpening.

April 27, 2006

Congress readies broad new digital copyright bill, drafted by the Bush administration.

The Wikipedia FAQK, by Lore Sjöberg.

What is Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is a new paradigm in human discourse. It's a place where anyone with a browser can go, pick a subject that interests them, and without even logging in, start an argument....

April 26, 2006

Oobi, a young disembodied hand creature living in a world not unlike ours but populated with talking disembodied limbs, has a piano recital. He is confident about the recital, and offers his support to Angus, the recital's other performer, who is nervous about going on stage. Angus performs his piece, relieved to have made it through with no problems.

Inca, the piano teacher (also a hand), introduces Oobi, and Oobi confidently goes on stage. He stretches his fingers, then begins to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with one finger. Near the end of the song, Oobi hits a wrong note. Surprised and embarrassed, Oobi eyes the audience, then runs back stage. Inca follows him.

Inca: Oobi? Try again?
Oobi: [scoffing] No way.
I: Why?
O: Oobi mistake!
I: So? Oobi not perfect. Inca not perfect. Nobody perfect.
O: Nobody?
I: Nobody.

[Enter Kako, Oobi's best friend (also a hand).]

Kako: Kako perfect. [laughs]
I: Kako...
K [to Inca]: Um, allow Kako?
I: Oh yes, yes.

[Inca backs away, watches. Kako approaches Oobi, then looks back at Inca.]

K: More?
I: Oh yes, yes.

[Inca leaves.]

K: Oobi?

[Oobi looks away.]

K: Um, Oobi... good. Oobi really good!
O: Oobi mess up!
K: So? No big deal.
O: [incredulously] No big deal?


K: Birthday, big deal. Lost puppy, big deal... Alien spaceship, really big deal.

[Oobi nods.]

K: Messing up, no big deal.
O: Messing up, no big deal?
K: Mm-mmm. Messing up just... life.
O: Messing up, just life... Huh.

Oobi, "Piano Recital!"

Gothamist interview with Oobi creator Josh Selig. Newsweek interview with Selig about Oobi, specifically. Another interview.

April 18, 2006

How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget. Project management lessons from a dare.

Seattle's venerable Smith Tower sold for $47 million.

Three interesting factoids below the fold in this article, two historical: Smith Tower was built by "typewriter and gun tycoon Lyman Cornelius Smith, of Smith Corona and Smith & Wesson." It was built with fireproofing in mind (20 years after the Great Seattle Fire), so everything, even the doors, are steel. (Smith Tower History.)

The third interesting factoid, which I didn't know: Microsoft will be setting up offices in Smith Tower this June, their first presence in downtown Seattle. is the only major tech employer I know with offices in downtown Seattle today, so this could be a big deal for tech workers who value the downtown location.

April 12, 2006

Jon Rentzsch's ADC Core Data Video Tutorial.

Practical UML: A Hands-On Introduction for Developers. A nice introduction, though maybe a little fast if you haven't already read a book on the subject or practiced OO design. (The tutorial is meant to promote Borland's UML tool.)