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July 2001 Archives

July 31, 2001

Seattle Blogger Get-Together
Friday, August 3rd, 6pm to whenever
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
1333 5th Ave, downtown Seattle

The reservation is under my name (Dan Sanderson), in case we're hard to find. Could be a small group, could be a big group, you'll have to show up to see which.

No RSVP necessary, but if you're planning on coming, email me and let me know how many in your party, just for the sake of keeping track of things.

Hope to see you all on Friday!

July 28, 2001

The 24-Hour Blog-a-Thon is happening right now, has been for over four hours now. I'm not a participant this year, though I'm a sponsor. Look at 'em go! Go Julie! Go Bill! I've got some kid's college fund riding on this one! Go go go!

July 27, 2001

Hiho, BrainLog readers! I did indeed survive the aforementioned roadtrip and had a fantastic time. I got merely one day of rest before diving head first into my new job, so I haven't had time to do laundry, let alone update the weblog. Given the nature of my free time these days, the roadtrip website I promised will take weeks to put together; I have literally hundreds of photos to go through, artifacts to photograph and scan, and hours of thoughtful recollection to do. And I haven't even posted my Disneyland materials yet.

I cannot go another minute without thanking the people that made my trip a complete success. The weblog community (readers and bloggers alike) is exceptional for being simultaneously generous, literate, intelligent and diverse, and I can't imagine having any fun on a roadtrip without visiting at least one member of said community. In chronological order, I owe my deepest thanks to:

I'd also like to thank the hordes of people, especially you BrainLog readers, who chimed in with advice and invitations; my former co-workers/friends at Mr. Showbiz; BlogIRC'ers not already mentioned; my mom; and my loving Lisa, for encouraging me to go in the first place, even if it meant leaving her behind. You're all amazing. You helped make a great trip into a fantastic life experience, and I could not have done it without you.

To be notified when my roadtrip website is ready, please enter your email address here:

Email address:

Blogging will commence any day now. I have lots of tasty extremely stale links for you all to digest. Stay tuned!

July 3, 2001

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I have completed the first leg of my road trip and am already having fun. The bad news is I won't have the connectivity from the road that I expected to have, and won't be able to web journal the trip in real time like I wanted. (Most of you weren't expecting anything of the sort, I realize, but I told some people they could follow my progress here, which won't be possible, I'm afraid. Computers suck.)

The web road journal as I envisioned it was going to take so much effort it would have ruined my trip anyway, so this is a blessing in disguise. I wish I could have foreseen this and left all my computer crap at home (I didn't exactly pack light), but oh well.

Disappointment about the web site aside, I'm totally jazzed about the next ten days. I promise to do a spiffy presentation site with pictures and all that when I get back. See you then! Woohoo!