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March 2001 Archives

March 31, 2001

How to Build The Best Paper Airplane.

Useless Python.

Pathologically Polluting Perl with Inline.

The Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources.

Java Gotchas.

The Perry-Castada Library Map Collection, at the University of Texas. Why has it taken me so long to find straightforward maps of the U.S. on the Internet?

March 30, 2001

Pardon me while my dates are displaying incorrectly. No time to fix it. :)

Nothing like a Blackadder show I've never seen before to make me feel out of touch: Blackadder: A Chronology of Time. Damn, I miss my TiVo.

Blackadder Hall reports that the entire series of Blackadder will be released on DVD in the U.S. The discs are already available as region 2, but those with non-special region 1 (U.S.) players will have to wait for this release. Blackadder: The Complete Collector's Set is already available for pre-order from DVDEmpire. Apparently, Blackadder's Christmas Carol is not included. :(

Confessions of an AOL censor: Terms of Service, by Rita Ferrandino.

Yarchive, one person's personal archive of interesting Usenet articles over many, many years, is hours of browsing fun. Like this article on brown sugar.

LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + (PHP | Perl | Python). I love it.

I like this food blog: The Kitchen.

Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed.

Article from January on open source and wireless.

March 29, 2001

The best use of my wishlist to date: seeing when my favorite DVDs suddenly go out of print (if only temporarily, in some cases). As of today, The Graduate, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Double Indemnity, Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures (1990-1995), and Planet of the Apes - The Evolution (Complete Series) are unavailable from I've had luck finding them, most at great prices, on and eBay. Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but it seems some studios are still a little hesitant with their DVD market coverage and are letting their first runs of great movies die out. On the other hand, it's difficult to imagine Wallace and Gromit will not get multiple printings mere months from now. Anyone in-the-know want to comment?

PlaySite has Scrabble now. Yay! Who wants to play?

Tootsie DVD now available for pre-order. Damn straight it's on my wishlist.

I bookmarked this Sony DVP-C660 DVD changer player for some reason. Probably because I want one.

Berry's Paradox. Fancy!

Make Your Own Steve Jobs Keynote Speech.

Napkin Folding. Nuff said.

March 28, 2001

Disney to Cut 4,000 Jobs in Weak Economy. A few things of note from my perspective: 1) This will take the form of a one-time volunteer severence program, with the promised package supposedly better than the usual involuntary severence. 2) Not all who apply will be accepted. They may very well decide they can't spare a single member of the Internet Group, even if we all signed up. 3) This is company-wide, not just the Internet Group; this includes actors and workers at the parks, employees in film production, etc.-- a work force of 120,000 world-wide. It could well be that we could all still have our jobs much later, even if we all "volunteered." 4) A round of involuntary layoffs is likely, especially if they don't meet their quota. Money-saving efforts by expending Internet businesses are still options, though I have absolutely no knowledge of any plans along these lines.

I cannot comment on my own options until I see their offer, which we'll be getting by mail next week. All I can say is I'm glad I didn't give blood yesterday like I originally planned. Missing a pint of blood, yesterday's news, and that I had to (OK, got to) pretend I was bleeding severely on the freezing cold wet ground for MOFA last night, would probably lead to me getting that pain-all-over flu everybody is getting.

It's been weird to see major events in my life clustering together like they have been. The week I got engaged, Disney laid a bunch of people off, a man was beaten to death at Mardi Gras down by where I work, Seattle was hit by a moderate earthquake, and my mom had a birthday. So far this week, we had our biggest traffic day of the year at work due to our diligent Oscars coverage, everyone (and I mean everyone!) is catching a serious flu, yesterday's announcements at work, and my father's samoid passed away. I suppose Mir just fell from the sky, too, though that was decidedly unspectacular, at least to those with cameras.

The Transformers Archive. Robots in disguise!

Common User Agent Problems: what broswers do wrong.

What's Wrong With Content Protection.

So you want to cook a romantic breakfast?

Still obsessed with FreeCell? Check the catalog of solutions, as well as a list of difficult deals.

March 17, 2001

March 13, 2001

While I haven't been blogging lately, I have been collecting things to blog. The result is a rather long list of mostly-stale links. So I thought I'd post a bunch to tide me over until I get some serious blogging time. Enjoy! is reporting that Warner Brothers will release a new and improved Stanley Kubrick DVD Collection in June. Consisting of eight discs (instead of the seven of the previous collection), this set will be fully remastered in all the ways the first set was not-- and for which the first set received intense criticism. Warner Brothers defends the first set, of course, but recognizes the market demand for a re-release.

When authors attack.

The Apartment on DVD is available for pre-order.

DVD Insider is reporting that Scott Dikkers' Spaceman will be released on DVD on April 24th by Palm Pictures. Wonderfully cult-ish and crappy, Spaceman gets regularly revived in some theaters, desperate to keep it alive in lieu of a home distribution. I can't wait!

Python Helps Disney Write a New Script.

Claritin and Schering-Plough: A Prescription for Profit.

Theseus and the Minotaur. See also the notes: The game's origins are cutely straightforward; the mazes' origins are surprisingly sophisticated. Do see levels 14 and 15. (Warnings: Java, timesuck.)

A few links from memepool on visual languages: The Elephant's Memory is a pictogram language geared towards children and language exploration. Here's a page of Earth Language ASCII/email equivalents.

Special thanks for linking to Sutton, a choreography notation. I've always been big on movement (yay movement!), and I played with this kind of thing in high school. (I couldn't do actual choreography in History class, so I'd visualize it and draw/write it as best as I can. Not that I'm any good at it, it's just what I did.)

Congrats to Weird Al and Suzanne on their engagement!

List of lazy entrepreneur ideas. Intended as a joke, some of these are pretty good ideas.

Dogma 2001: A Challenge to Game Designers.

PalmPilot desktop file formats.

March 5, 2001

Hello, loyal BrainLog readers! It's been a while. Rest assured, it's because I'm busy, and indeed a lot has happened. I've finally been seeing some of those late and weekend work hours the industry is known for; we currently have a preview of things to come. Meanwhile, the company did another round of layoffs, during which we lost a valued member of our group. We had something of an earthquake recently, which has been quite problematic for buildings around where I work in Pioneer Square. I acquired a new toy which you will undoubtedly see more of later. But all of that has been rather overshadowed by the greatest, happiest, most important event of my life to date.

I am unendingly pleased to announce that Lisa and I are engaged to be married.

So, uh, please excuse me while I get around to blogging again. :)