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February 2001 Archives

February 5, 2001 Hollywood, Under Siege from Consolidations and Digital Threats, Looks for its Next Big Fix.

Metric System Thriving In Nation's Inner Cities.

The sci.astro FAQ.

Lego Soft. How great is that!

wanted fonts. (Thanks Strange Brew.)

Being There DVD available for pre-order.

HoverDesk, a desktop replacement for windows. Skins, plug-ins and everything.

February 1, 2001

ACLU Urges Appeals Court to Protect Free Speech Rights In Landmark DVD Copyright Case. Slashdot's mention includes links to similar briefs by other groups. Interesting reading.

NYTimes coverage of Disney's leaving the web portal business.

Starship Titanic: The Novel! By Terry Jones! Now available online! The whole text! Every single word! In alphabetical order!

A Roast Dinner HOWTO.

Psycomic has periodic essays by Kevin Smith on the making of his new film.

This found diary was a hit around the blog circuit, and for good reason.

VisualIRC is back in development. Such a fancy new web site, maybe someone could spend less time on the site and more time on the app? Eh? Eh? (S'ok, I greatly appreciate the app! My favorite IRC client!) Potentially unstable betas available.

Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool. It's free. (Requires WinNT server 4 or Windows 2000.)