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May 2000 Archives

May 31, 2000

You can now buy DVD players with a serial digital interface (SDI) port, and the movie industry is worried. SDI allows the transmition of a 270 megabits per second uncompressed digital signal, and is accepted by big fancy televisions (esp. plasma screens). Because it's a pure uncompressed digital signal, you can theoretically make straight digital copies of DVD movies--and it's perfectly within the DVD-CCA DVD player manufacturing license. The license forbids Firewire ports (which would do something similar), but makes no mention of SDI. Yet another example of how the DVD-CCA's restrictions that hurt the consumer in the name of copy protection are in vain.

DVD-CCA's FAQ, and their CSS page.

EFF's DVD-CCA case archive.

Incidentally, that analog video output you're getting from your DVD player is not the best picture quality available from the DVD. But you'd need a new TV to see the better picture anyway. ("Mother of God! There's a picture in that picture!" -- Third Rock from the Sun)

The "low quality analog signal" is due in part to the DVD-CCA making Macrovision manditory in DVD players. Macrovision, as you probably know, poisons the analog signal so when fed to a VCR gets recorded garbled (often appearing as an ugly red band). Check out the official Macrovision home page, and their analysis of the DeCSS case.

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May 30, 2000

A while ago I mentioned the new Little Shop of Horrors DVD, where Amazon had made the curious distinction between it and an earlier version which included an alternate ending. Bill informed me that the previous (discontinued) DVD release is one of the few available records of this test-audience-despised unhappy ending, and that the DVD is going for $60-$100+ on eBay. I made sure to check the local DVD retailers likely to have older buried treasures, and sure enough, I found it for $22 at Scarecrow Video. (I'm pretty sure I got the only copy, but it wouldn't hurt to give 'em a call.)

Wooo! Ikea, the chain of Swedish furniture warehouse stores, is inexpensive, and huge. I went looking for a piece of furniture for my printer small enough to meet my needs--which no other store had--and not only did Ikea have what I was looking for, but for the money I was expecting to pay for the one piece of furniture, I got the piece, two very nice and badly needed TV trays, some great plates and bowls, a kitchen grater, a vacuum flask and some wine glasses. Oh, and some excellent children's blocks, which were too cool to pass up. But of course, Ikea is yet another store ideal for an Internet storefront and lacks one.

Timex: Ridiculously Easy To Use, directed by Tim Burton. (Thanks schmarley of MetaFilter.)

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, with Rene Russo, Jason Alexander, Randy Quaid, Janeane Garofalo and Robert De Niro, among others. Live action with ILM 3D animated characters. See also the page. (Trailer contains a few too many 1999 pop culture references for my taste.) In theaters June 30.

Try on virtual sunglasses at Ray-Ban Virtual Preview. Send them a photo of yourself, they'll scan it in and give you an access code. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

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May 26, 2000

Kudos to twernt for exceeding his promise, "50% twerntier than the leading brand," this past week.

First it was TextPad, then PHP. Now I have a new crush: the OXO Good Grips Y Peeler. I'm actually in love with all OXO Good Grips utensils, but the Y peeler particularly warms my heart.

Ooh, LAN furniture.

Apparently I was one of the first 100 people to enter a survey at, so they sent me a mousepad. Nothing really interesting about that, just rubbing it in your face.

"Hello, and welcome to AOL Moviephone!"

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May 25, 2000

Says Cokie Roberts: "I know you don't think of Sam as a pixie, but there is that quality."

Mr Showbiz interview with John Woo in MI:2.

Hey neat, the RPM database at has its own domain name: I had worried that it was likely to disappear, but it looks like the opposite. (Maybe I'm clueless, but it's a good resource for RedHatters.)

USPS list of accepted abbreviations.

The bookmark dumping ground is entering unsorted territory! No longer will we be grouped by subject in our journey into the depth of my bookmarks. In fact, I could probably drop the 15-in-a-list format and just run through all of these as blog fodder, as if I just found them. But that would be dishonest. And much of this is stuff I found on blogs--or blogged myself--in the last couple of months anyway.

May 24, 2000

This is Andy Richter's last week on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Say goodbye.

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May 23, 2000

Oops, I did it again,
I invented movable type,
It led a printing revolution,
Oops, the peasants can read...
-- Marty Culp (Will Farrell) and Bobbi Moughan-Culp (Ana Gasteyer) at the Alta Dena 8th grade all-day mandatory Renaissance Fair, Saturday Night Live

Pathé (see also their "UK" site) is an interesting multifaceted production company. (I haven't had time to research them, so this shall be left a really boring write-up of their web sites. They own theaters, do TV, and have their hands in a few films popular in the states. :)

Mmmm... X Files Season One DVD boxed set, with extras... I'm not a big enough fan to pay $100 for it, but I'm in full support of the concept of releasing complete collections of TV series on DVD.

Bookmark dumping ground:

May 22, 2000 launches today. While I only came on in the last month, I'm very proud to have contributed to development of this exciting new movie portal. I seriously believe is of a higher caliber than similar sites, especially for browsing and repeat visits. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself. (And hey, if something isn't working on the site, let me know! ;)

The Quantum Project, a 32 minute sci-fi romance film, is being hailed as the first "big" film developed and produced specifically for Internet distribution. Visit SightSound, pay $6, and wait, wait, and wait to download 60+MB. A 6MB free trailer is also available, so you can check out the video quality (hires ain't bad at all). Not Mac compatible as it's an encrypted Windows Media Player file (copy protection reasons, I imagine). Stephen Dorff, Fay Masterson, John Cleese.

Seattle's new local comedy show The John Report with Bob has a new website. Check out the bios, and the interactive section with video, audio, message boards and other crap.

Inside Media on US Weekly's printing--and retracting--the story of Tom Cruise dropping Scientology.

Being John Malkovich is out on DVD, "special edition", with documentaries and interviews.

A new DVD release of Little Shop of Horrors (the movie musical), will be out May 23. Includes director's commentary (Frank Oz), deleted footage (with commentary), and a making-of featurette (not that those are any good). "NOTE: This disc does not contain the alternate ending found on the previously-issued DVD." Does anyone know anything about the alternate ending? Is it more like the play? Where can I get the previously issued DVD?

Terry Gilliam's commentary for Brazil, Criterion Edition, is brilliant and entertaining. Let's see, what other Gilliam DVDs have commentary?

onfocus's what-do-you-want-for-dinner i-don't-know-what-do-you-want? dialog generator. (Everyone blogged it, but I liked it too much.)

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May 19, 2000

This is for my non-blogger readers, since all of us already know about it: public radio's The Connection, a call-in show, spent a whole hour talking about weblogs with some of my more popular blogger friends. I can't think of anyone more qualified to talk about weblogs than Brad Graham and Rebecca Blood, as evidenced by this show.

And hey, I made it into The Connection's blog list. No hits from it yet, but still. :)

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May 18, 2000

Sitting on top of my VCR is my new special Apex DVD player. This puppy has the hidden menu and everything. I don't have any non-region-1 discs to test it with, though I'll probably order Eyes Wide Shut from sometime soon. I couldn't get a CD-R of MP3s I made to work with my first try--though I suspect it was the way I made it that's tripping up the player. I played a DVD in it too, of course, and that worked just fine. (So much better than VHS! So much!) My only complaint so far is that it seems to obliterate what little reception I get of 4 of my 7 TV channels, but who needs TV when you have DVDs?

If you want one with the hidden menu, they're going for about $300 on eBay, and prices continue to go up as supplies dwindle. I bought mine from Oobgarm, who still has a bunch left. (He offered to sell me one off auction for $320, I'm sure he'd do the same for you.)

Of course, if you don't need the ability to change the region code or disable Macromedia copy protection (and who does?), you will always be able to get a new one at Circuit City for $180. You get the MP3 functionality, as well as Karaoke! (It even has mic jacks on the front!) It plays DVDs, too.

Work is hard!

It'll be worth it, though. Just you wait.

May 17, 2000

North by Northwest will be released on DVD August 29, and is available for pre-order.

The Birds is out on DVD now, widescreen with tons of extras.

Why there is no multiple inheritence in Java like there is in C++.

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May 16, 2000

Get your own animated replica of Robbie the Robot from Fred Barton Productions Inc. Tons of features! Limited run of 10 of the Artists Proof series, so get yours today. Also check out the rest of the site, like the Robby the Robot FAQ.

Ya gotta love web sites that tie in to fictional universes. Last week's King of the Hill episode featured a foot fetish website called And Zannah points me to Mutant Watch, which is probably one of the most complete such sites I've seen.

Zannah has a dangerous habit of introducing me to addicting web games.

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure has a web site, of the usual high PBS caliber.

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May 15, 2000

Slashdot recently linked an article entitled "General Relativity without Black Holes" which apparently appeared in the April issue of the "science fiction and fact" mag Analog. Slashdot's blurb talked a bit about the author, John Cramer, a University of Washington physics prof I happened to have taken a course from. Cramer is also a science fiction author, of Twistor and Einstein's Bridge, the latter of which I actually bothered to read after Cramer announced its publication in class. Check out his Alternate View articles published in Analog.

John Cramer's self-posted plot description of Twistor at

David Harrison, a young physics postdoc and and Victoria Gordon, a graduate student working together on a "table-top" experiment in a small lab at the University of Washington stumble on a world-spanning breakthrough discovery, the Twistor Effect. Soon, because of dirty tricks by industrial spies, David and two small children are trapped in a "shadow" world, an Eden-like twin of the Earth with its own ecology of strange plants and animals, including a peculiarly colorful "tree-bird", a dextrous six-legged "shadow kitten", and a giant tentacle-mouthed "shadow bear". David has most of a laboratory full of custom-built equipment but no electrical power. Vickie has the technical knowledge, but her hardware has gone with David and the industrial spies are closing in. Can David and the children ever get back to their own world, or are they trapped forever in the the beautiful but dangerous shadow world?
I think I'm gonna write a novel about a University of Washington student who, failing to get admitted into the Computer Science program, eventually drops out and gets a job at an Internet company. While writing innocent-seeming Java apps for what he thinks is merely an entertainment web site, the young man gets swept up in a web of industrial espionage and intrigue after discovering the industry's darkest secret: The Curse of the Golden Chicken.

Myst III: Exile trailers are now available.

A preview trailer is up for Ron Howard's live-action How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey.

MacInTouch reports Microsoft has discontinued development of IE for Mac.

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May 12, 2000

Pearl Jam concert goers won't need to bring their tape recorders this summer. Rumor has it that the group will be selling CD-Rs of direct-to-DAT soundboard recordings of every show (sixty-something shows) on the tour through the fan club for $10 each. Newsgroup freaks are already plotting to acquire the whole tour. (Can someone post a more official source on this?)

Sarah Vowell will be on Late Night with David Letterman tonight, in addition to the much-hyped appearance of Richard Simmons. I guess Dave wanted balance.

Wow. Anyone can read your cookies if you use IE. This means someone can check your SubHonker Filter cookie, simulate your computer and see your favorites list! (OK, it's more serious than that. But it's true.)

Why aren't you reading Mr Pants? Read Mr Pants. (Yes, I mention Mr Pants a lot, but I mention any blog whenever I see so many links I want to steal that I might as well just blog the whole page. That happens a lot with Mr Pants.)

Old Navy has opened their on-line store! Being male, I don't have to try anything on when I shop for clothes. Now I don't have to leave the house. lets you rent DVDs by mail, with no per-movie charges, no shipping and handling costs, no due dates and no late fees. (Read that again.) $20/month membership. They arrive in your mailbox within a couple of days, including a label to return it (by mail). First month and 6 rentals free with sign-up, cancel anytime with no obligation. (Actually, they'll bill you a one-time $4.95 charge for shipping during your free month; afterward, shipping is included in the monthly fee.) (And I think "6 rentals free" just refers to the trial month; no per-movie charges.)

Bookmark dumping ground:

May 11, 2000, featuring user-contributed film articles and lists of favorite films. The articles are better than it sounds, though the lists are a bit disappointing.

Growing Up Brady, a new miniseries about the making of the Brady Bunch, based on the book, is being teased with a scene of what appears to be the actors that play Marcia and Greg in a swimming pool alone together, if you know what I mean. See a behind-the-scenes clip of the behind-the-scenes miniseries.

This year's Tony Award Nominations.

The NIC for the .ws domain has an inspiring Flash movie.

May 10, 2000

I enjoyed Challenge of the Child Geniuses too much not to blog it. With that Millionaire show, not only are the questions easy, but I could care less if they win or lose. Something about these being kids and the questions would be difficult for many people, especially kids under 12, made it much more fun to watch. $300,000+ grand prize, too. Oh, and it's time for Dick Clark to retire; his senility has finally kicked in enough that he can't do his job.

Join the contestants in a live chat on Wednesday, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Afterward, head on over to #blogirc and play Challenge of the Weblog Geniuses.

Arooooo! This Internet beagle owners club is not accepting new members. Warning: music on every page. Cute pics, though! (Thanks wetlog.)

The Jaws: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD will be released July 11. Only $17 at

American Beauty will supposedly be out on video and DVD this week. Amazon doesn't seem to know about it, though...

Limited edition Volkswagons, sold only on-line. 2,000 Reflex Yellow, 2,000 Vapor Blue. Starting at $18,875.

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May 9, 2000

Audio of introduction to This Is Cinerama.

Cinerama Adventure (the new Cinerama documentary) home page.

Cinerama 2000 article at

I now have tickets to How the West Was Won at the Seattle Cinerama. (!!!) This will be the first use of the Cinerama screen and projectors since it was restored by Paul Allen for this very purpose. There are only a few working Cinerama theaters in the world, and prints of Cinerama films such as How the West Was Won are equally scarce.

HTWWW is part of the Seattle International Film Festival, showing on June 2 at 11:00am and 8:30pm. $15/ea. Buy tickets for the 8:30 show and receive free tickets to the 2:45 showing of Cinerama Adventure, a new Cinerama documentary on the medium. Also showing that day: This Is Cinerama, at 5:15, a 140-minute demo film--which I also have tickets for. (Most of the films available in the 3-projector format are demo films; HTWWW is one of the few fictional features done in the format.) Call (206)-324-9996 for ticket sales or more information.

I've been waiting for this ever since I heard the Cinerama was going to be restored. Newsgroup movie nuts (like me) have been talking about flying to Seattle from Australia just to see HTWWW.

So it's a big deal.

What Was Cinerama? from the FAQ (at

Check out: An Internet Tribute to Seattle's Martin Cinerama Theater (warning: music) with tons of great old pictures; the tribute site's list of Cinerama links, notes on This Is Cinerama, and Widescreen Museum's Cinerama page, including a filmography.

Magnolia on DVD now available for pre-order, to be released July 25. Amazon's description probably isn't complete; it seems likely that it will be released with director's commentary.

Red Rock Eater Digest on Microsoft and ILOVEYOU.

Clinton's The Final Days is now hosted on AdCritic in a high-quality QuickTime. Check it out if you haven't yet.'s Seattle BBS list. I've been looking for this for a while now, nice to actually find it. Alas, all my favorite BBSes are long gone... lets you send a typed message to someone's telephone, for free. Just tried it, works fine. You can set the message delivery time; I can imagine using it for reminders and wake up calls.

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May 8, 2000

The cookbook showed a picture of someone chopping hot peppers wearing protective gloves. We figured that was just so you don't touch the peppers then rub your eyes or something, so I ignored the advice. Six hours and several thorough hand-washes later, I can still burn my tongue by running my teeth under my fingernails.

Wow, bidding is fierce on Apex DVD players on eBay. I've been bidding for one that's already running up to $300. The seller, who has sold many of these Apexes in the last few months, offered to sell me one directly for $319. On eBay they seem to be topping off at about $250, but it seems quite random. At least this seller seems to have plenty, so if I can't win at a reasonable auction price, I haven't completely lost out.

I've heard "MySQL is not a database" a couple of times now, but I could never find an explanation. This is a good one, though I think in the end it mostly goes to show that all most people need is a fast SQL interface to a file system, and not a real database.

Strange Brew calls it quits--in favor of content creation, of all things. We'll miss you, Alice!

This afternoon the University of Washington will officially open the long-awaited Mary Gates Hall with a dedication ceremony. Funded in large part by donations from Bill Gates (named after his mother), this very large building will house huge computer labs, computer classrooms and other facilities. The building was partially restored from an old building, partially built from scratch. Project budget: $48 million, plus $3 million for technical equipment. Check out the web cam as well as a movie of the past day's images.

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May 7, 2000

So what is the freaking deal with my blog design and Netscape for PC (and I think for Mac also)? It's been like this for weeks now: The first day's worth looks fine, then the second day is too big, with white-on-white links. Then all days after that is in the browser default fonts and colors. It's clearly related to the loss-of-style bug, and changes seem to happen with my div and font tags. Maybe someday I'll experiment a little... But it shouldn't happen... grr...

May 6, 2000

Woohoo! The New BrainLog is even newer! :)

You're now looking at a PHP+MySQL rendition of BrainLog. This includes a spiffy new comment system, which you'll find at the bottom of each entry. Note that, ala Slashdot or MetaFilter, the "permanent URL" of an entry is its comments page. Because I know you're going to be linking all my stuff on your own blogs.

I've imported all of my archives since October 22, 1999, the day I started. All imported data are lumped by day, one entry per day. Future entries will each have their own entry and set of comments.

Please let me know if there are any problems, or you find any bugs. I want to stomp them swiftly.

As with any blogger discovering PHP and MySQL, more features are to come. Search engine almost definitely ('cuz I'd use it frequently), and I'm considering category icons so you can skip over the boring tech geek stuff (or the boring movie geek stuff). Any other ideas? Send 'em my way, or heck, post 'em publicly in a comment!

May 5, 2000

Twernt thinks Flash is poo. I think this banner ad is quite clever. In context (shrunk to actual banner ad size), it uses the gimmick to get your attention, but it's so smoothly implemented that it actually isn't annoying. But it appears that's just me...

No doubt you've heard by now of the ILOVEYOU email virus. We were hit pretty hard at work, taking up some ops people's entire work day today. I was impressed how crudely the text was written--too suspicious to anyone who's knows what an email virus is. But sure enough, people were opening that attachment--but it also spreads by replacing JPGs and CSSes and other files with itself. Meaning, if you have a web server's wwwroot mounted (like everyone at my workplace did), it can cause a great deal of damage.

Like with any poorly written email forward, someone along the way has rewritten it to be less obvious. According to (unconfirmed) reports, if you receive a message with the subject "FW: JOKE", don't open it, it's a mutation of ILOVEYOU.

Surprisingly interesting summary article on the Dogme '95 rules of filmmaking, from Time's Richard Corliss, who I remember deciding years ago (perhaps on a whim, I don't recall) was a schmuck for reviewing films without seeing them.

New Woody Allen film to be distributed by DreamWorks. That Amazon link appears to be the only official page, at least according to DreamWorks' home page. Woody Allen writes, directs and stars:

Woody Allen wrote, directed, and stars in this light, romantic comedy that follows the illegal misadventures of an ex-con dishwasher and his wife, a manicurist who dreams of becoming rich by way of a bank robbery in New York City. Allen and award-winning comedy actress Tracey Ullman (Bullets over Broadway) are paired as the crooked husband and wife team. The all-star ensemble cast also includes Hugh Grant (Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral), Jon Lovitz (The Wedding Singer), Michael Rapaport (Mighty Aphrodite, Deep Blue Sea) and Oscar-nominated screenwriter and actress Elaine May (Primary Colors). Jean Doumanian, Allen's longtime producer, is producing Small Time Crooks, marking their eighth collaboration.
IMDb for Small Time Crooks, IMDb for Woody Allen.

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May 4, 2000

Hit or Miss implements category icons before I get a chance to. The race is on to implement cool PHP+MySQL features!

Where was everybody last night? Not at #blogirc, that's for sure. (Well, I was gone for most of the time too, I guess, so I shouldn't talk. But some regulars didn't even show up!)

Instead, I was at Time Code. It was successful in many ways, especially the way the unusual format was used and experimented with. The story was a bit lacking, as seems typical for Figgis' films. Whatever else the movie lacked did not seem at all to be the fault of the format, or the skills of the actors and crew involved. Color me impressed. Definitely a film experiment for the books, and, dare I say, the National Film Registry.

I love my new WarGames DVD I got with a gift certificate from Vividence. It occurs to me that this is one of many films central to my youth that I have never seen in its original widescreen format (!!). And director+writer commentary is more than I've ever dreamed of having for this film. The DVD menus (which my video card won't let me take a snapshot of) are a fully animated NORAD war room; really neat. No need to gush about the film itself, I'm sure we're all in the same boat there, but I will take the opportunity to say how much I like the music by Arthur Rubinstein. WarGames is one of the first films to turn me on to the magic of movie music. (Something tells me I've blogged about WarGames before, but I'm too lazy to grep for it...)

The Gladiator opening on Friday at the Seattle Cinerama will feature ushers dressed as gladiators. Fun! "Also, one lucky member of General Cinema's CREDITS(TM) frequent moviegoer program who sees the movie at a General Cinema theatre around the country will win the actual gladiator helmet worn by Russell Crowe during the battle fights in the movie." Maybe that GC frequent flyer membership will come in handy after all. (I'm quoting a press release I can't find on the web right now.)

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May 3, 2000

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman abandon Scientology, or so it's rumored. The article claims, counter to my previous assumption, that Cruise was introduced to Scientology in 1987 by Mimi Rogers, his wife at the time. Kidman apparently stated on a radio show that she was (still) Catholic. Unimportant gossip, all of it. Fun, though.

Travolta whips it out in this June 1999 Mr Showbiz article, saying Battlefield Earth is "the pinnacle of using my power for something." Something is right! It is something!

Konqueror is a web browser/file manager/viewer for the KDE windowing environment. From the looks of it, it's running competition for Netscape et al. Hmmm... Windows port? :)

Seattle Public Library has a new Java applet interface to their catalog system. Place holds, manage your account and everything. Of course I can't use my spiffy Telnet macros that remember my card number...

If you like film, you should see Timecode. If you're going to see Timecode, you must see it on a big screen. I'm kinda hoping the DVD release will be a big boxed set with a split screen on one disc, then the four individual strips spread across other discs, with full audio (maybe an additional track to include mixed audio so you can set it up with four TV screens :). The Seattle run closes this Thursday night at the Neptune, catch it while you can.

Tired of solicitations? Well, it takes a lot of work to get off most lists. The Center for Democracy and Technology offers on-line opt-out forms and further instructions and information to keep your phone quiet and your mailbox empty.

Oh, blog chat tonight. #blogirc, 5:30pm PDT. Not sure I'll be there; seeing Timecode tomorrow. I'll try to stop by, though.

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May 2, 2000

I now know the joys of PHP + MySQL. BrainLog isn't finished yet (damn I have too little free time), but it's coming along. As are all the other projects I have going right now.

By the way, Weblogs.Com broke 1000 blogs recently. Brig's Portal broke 800 recently as well.

Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense, "Daily Web Site Turns the Tables on Mean People." No fighting spite with spite, this site seeks to defuse the emotional charge of commonplace verbal abuse. (I'm having a tough time determining how this site is supposed to be used, but it's big and browsable.)

America's Ten Most Wanted Words, an interactive column from The Atlantic "Unbound".

Radio Islam.

Since I last visited (which was a long time ago), I, Cringely redesigned. I'm still rather fond of the old design, but this is nice, too. Not that I read him any more...

Aw, HP isn't making the LaserJet 1100 any more? Used to be a nice $300 8ppm laser printer. Their SE series is expensive. Thankfully, the Xerox P8, which also used to be $300, is now $199.

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May 1, 2000

The Final Days at the White House. I dunno about you, but I liked it. Would have been cool to have seen this on CSPAN, to be as taken by surprise as everyone else seemed to be...

Gladiator opens on Friday. Woo!

I Am Canadian. (Well, I'm not, Joe is.)

Lyrics Dot, a new unlicensed lyric database in Russia.

Songfile, a licensed lyric database, part of (NBC's Internet search/portal).

Free Aeron Chair Giveaway from an online furniture store. I think you have to subscribe to their mailing list to enter. $1,200 value. (The chair, not the mailing list.) So are these the chairs everyone was talking about months ago? Every chair at my workplace is one of these, and I can see why they're popular.

Can't win one? Buy one for $765, "fully loaded".

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