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October 1999 Archives

October 28, 1999

Cute dog story, quoted from rec.pets by (strangely enough) The Motley Fool.

Sony will be taking orders for Aibo from November 1 to November 8. Only 10,000 will be issued. $2500 US for just the robot, though I think I'd want the Performer Kit, bringing the total cost to $2950 US. Check out videos at the bottom of this page.

I'm no TV addict, but I have to say, I enjoy sitcoms willing to try little theater experiments, no matter how gimmicky or cheap-excuse-for-a-press-release they are. The Pinterian backwards episode of Seinfeld, the Mad About You shot in real time (one take per act), and now: The Drew Carey Show, performed live on November 10th. (Probably been done before, but I don't watch enough TV to know. Sounds like fun to me.)

Even better: on November 17th, ABC will do a special web-cast to complement a new Drew Carey show episode:

As an Internet marketing experiment, Drew is given his own spot on the web sponsored by Winfred-Louder Department Store. Drew's life becomes the subject of an Internet camera, which leads unexpectedly to one of the biggest revelations of Drew's life. Bizarre incidents and skits when Drew's out of the house will be webcast as a complement to the TV viewing experience.

October 27, 1999

Lisa has opened her National Film Registry prediction contest! Check out NFR's existing list and find films (released in America, at least 10 years old) not on the list that ought to be (or just probably will be). Win videos!

I'm not the biggest They Might Be Giants fan in the world, which I suppose is what allows me to enjoy the TMBG fan-organized tribute album, We Might Be Giants, Too. Small bands and even non-bands have recorded a multitude of TMBG songs. The entire album is available as MP3s, but if you enjoy it in the least, send 'em $10 for the CD. Proceeds benefit AIDS research (both out of philanthropy, and to keep the effort within the legal agreement that allows them to cover TMBG songs).

The project seems an appropriate tribute, as TMBG is a highly influential band.

Crop circle makers in England.

The Piano Technician's Guild has lots of great info on pianos. 'cause I know you're into that kind of thing.

October 26, 1999

The Motion Picture Editors Guild has excerpts from Robert McKee's Story Structure Seminar online. The excerpts include Robert analyzing two scenes from Casablanca; listen to audio (59 minutes) of analysis of one scene (see script), or audio (47 minutes) of analysis of another scene (see script). Check out the full audio site for the 30 minute introduction, and a 15 minute Q&A session. (Robert's handling of the dweeby students is somewhat amusing.)

Check out Premiere's dialogues with Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese, and Sarah Polley and Audrey Wells. (IMDb for: Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Sarah Polley, and Audrey Wells.

Hey! When did IMDb get a makeover? Quite nice!

October 25, 1999

Fans of Public Radio International's This American Life have probably known about the December 18, 1998 live show, What Are You Looking At?, ever since it happened. So I suppose I'm mentioning this for They Might Be Giants fans, as the group was present and performing throughout the event (along with the "This American Life Orchestra"). They perform some good short stuff, but also underscore and accompany the essays in the show. Ira Glass talks to and about the band and the music for the show at index 44:50.0.

Though I imagine real TMBG fans knew about this even before the TAL fans...

October 22, 1999

The weblog begins!

What can I say. Lisa started a weblog, and I got jealous.

To start: PBS's Great Performances aired Crazy For You, a highly enjoyable 1992 performance at The Paper Mill Playhouse. The web site includes supplemental information and video clips. I'd like a tape of the show, but this is one of many that's not available for sale. (Perhaps it's a little early in my blog to ask the community for favors, but I thought it couldn't hurt.)

Like a good newbie web logger, I'll continue to work on my toys. I'm shooting for as much cross-browser compatability as I can muster, so feel free to complain. In the end, the toys are for my use, but I don't want them getting in the way of the glorious blog content.